De Mole Mexican

Only one block away from my apartment sits De Mole, an inconspicuous Mexican restaurant. A couple years ago it only contained one tiny dining area, but they’ve recently expanded to double its size.

De Mole Mexican

De Mole Mexican

Despite the lights and red awning, somehow the restaurant doesn’t really stand out when you’re walking by. That’s certainly better than being ostentatious though.

Chips at De Mole

Chips at De Mole

The complimentary chips, and especially the dipping sauce (which is not even spicy!) are really outstanding. Definitely my favorite from the local Mexican restaurants. I only wish they provided more of the sauce, as it definitely runs out before the chips do.

Mushroom quesadilla

Mushroom quesadilla

I rarely get the house special, but the description of the “mushroom quesadilla” intrigued me. It looks a lot more like a taco, but there sure is a lot of cheese, and the tortilla is soft. It was definitely worth the four bucks though, with quite a generous portion of flavorful mushrooms, and very fresh-tasting vegetables.


Enchiladas verde con pollo

Enchiladas verde with chicken

The actual enchilada ($9) is well-hidden under that massive layer of shredded cheese on the right. Unlike in many Mexican places, the food is not “heavy” and you don’t feel stuffed at the end (which is good). This verde (green) enchilada comes with tomatillo sauce, but you can also have the roja (red) one with a spicier sauce. However, De Mole also provides both sauces conveniently on the side, so you can amend things to your liking.


Tex-mex chicken fajitas

Tex-mex chicken fajitas

One of the more expensive ($11) classics on the menu are the fajitas, seen here with chicken. Tortillas are provided on the side. The one disappointment with these is that they come relatively cold and already on your plate, as opposed to sizzling on a pan. Still quite good though, and the mixed in vegetables are fresh.


4 responses to “De Mole Mexican

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  2. My husband and I LOVE the Burritos — hands down the best part of their menu. The guac is OK, but, man, that salsa they give you is just awesome!!

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