I am Thai

I am Thai is a small thai takeout (although they do also have seating) place on 43rd ave near 49th street. This is my favorite take-out in the area and I miss not living as close to it as I used to. The food is definitely on par with the sit-down Thai restaurants in the area, and the portions are much larger!

Tom Yum Shrimp soup

Tom Yum Shrimp soup

Tom Yum soup ($4) is quickly becoming one of my favorite soups, and I am Thai definitely makes a hearty one. You can even specify your own level of spiciness, and have it with either shrimp or chicken. Note that this was all take-out, and I simply moved the food from the plastic containers into my own dishes.

Masaman curry with tofu

Masaman curry with tofu

As expected, the curry dishes come with rice on the side (extra dollar for brown rice – brown rice is free with any entree from the wok station or with a curry). This masaman curry with tofu ($9) is both good and filling, although the contents are a bit sparse (i.e. not much more than potatoes there). The tofu can be either steamed or fried.

Red curry fried rice with chicken

It may not give that impression in the picture, but this entree is huge! I ate maybe half of it and was completely full – the rest is gonna be lunch tomorrow. This red curry fried rice (also $9) was a little short on the chicken, but the vegetables were ample and good. The spiciness can be adjusted to your liking.


3 responses to “I am Thai

  1. Hi. I just want thank you for a great restaurant review. There is just one thing for brown rice, it is not extra $. They are all no charge for it. Thank you.

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