Yum Yum Thai

The new Thai restaurant, Yum Yum, opened up on October 1st in place of a Korean one that went out of business, on the corner of 43rd street and Queens Boulevard. I went there a week ago, but lent my camera to a friend (mid-meal!) for a few days, so I couldn’t post this till now. I had high hopes for Yum Yum, but although the decor and atmosphere are nice, the food itself is below the quality of that at Gray Point Thai or Dee Thai nearby.


Yum Yum Restaurant

Yum Yum Restaurant

This is actually a local chain, this being the third Yum Yum in New York City, and the first one in Queens.

Shrimp and chicken soups

Shrimp and chicken soups

For their opening week (or perhaps even month), they had a great prix fixe special, in which for only $14, you get soup, salad, and entree, and even dessert. The soups was actually my favorite part of the meal. In the foreground you see spicy shrimp, and in the background it’s coconut chicken (those were the only two choices).


Thai salad

Thai salad

Your standard salad; a pretty small portion, although it did include spring rolls.


Panang curry

Panang curry

This chicken curry was rather disappointing. Too much sauce, so it was too liquidy, and the sauce was clearly from some sort of pre-made package. The food itself was rather bland, so the spiciness was really the only thing it had going for it.


Pad thai

Pad thai

The pad thai was better than the curry, but still not as good as at many other Thai restaurants – even in Sunnyside. We also had dessert (a fried banana and some sort of coconut pudding), which was pretty average. Again though, for the price, I think the meal was certainly worth it.


4 responses to “Yum Yum Thai

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  2. Awful place. After a disastrous lunch outing where they screwed up my take-out order I went back to return the messed-up order (but not before I ate a terrible dumpling that came with the lunch special) and to get my money back.

    I asked the woman, “Are these dumplings made here or bought frozen?”

    She lowered her eyes and said, “Frozen.”

    “Yeah, I thought so.” I replied and left.

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