Giovanni’s pizza restaurant

I lent my camera to a friend for a few days last week, which is why I haven’t posted in a while. I will have a review of the new Thai restaurant, Yum-Yum, soon, but for now I have some pics from a quick trip to Giovanni’s Pizza Restaurant on 47th Street & 47th Ave.

Giovanni's pizza restaurant

Giovanni's pizza restaurant

The name is rather misleading, as it’s not really a pizza place (although they do in fact serve pizza – although it’s definitely not the best around). It’s really a Mexican restaurant,  with both take-0ut and eat-in service. I haven’t ever eaten a full dinner here (although there are a large number of items on the menu), but always come here for the “tortas” – Mexican sandwiches.  Some of the best in the neighborhood can be found here.

Chicken torta

Chicken torta

For only $5.50, all the tortas are well worth it. This here is a chicken torta, which as you can see contains a lot more than just chicken. All the ingredients, including the bread itself, are delicious. They will ask you if you want it “spicy”, which basically just means they add jalapenos to the sandwich.


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