So many places to eat at

When I started this blog, a few people said I will quickly run out of restaurants in Sunnyside, estimating there were less than 50 of them. My own estimate was only somewhat above that. But, having done a firm count (I personally walked around the whole neighborhood and counted), I was surprised to discover there are over 100! I counted up to 107, and there are likely a few I missed. Note though that I do count cafes, fast food chains, and bars that serve food. Geographically, I counted everything between 39th Ave and 50th Ave, and between 38th St. and 52nd st (there is really nothing on Queens Blvd west of 38th st, but there were a few place on Greenpoint Ave that I did include below 38th St.). One day I will work on enhancing this list by adding addresses and brief descriptions, and maybe even a map.

China One Taco House
De Mole Mexican
Good Luck Chinese Restaurant
Fresh Taco Tex Mex
China Taste
Los Pollos Peruvian
Mario’s Fine Italian Restaurant
Parador Caleno
Giovanni’s Pizza Restaurant
Real Santa Fe Steakhouse
La Herradura
Pio Pio Riko
Ave Coffee
McDonald’s (On Greenpoint Ave)
Pecas Y Mas
Bliss St. Station
La Bella Pizza
Restaurant Azteca
Lenny’s Pizza
Singas Famous Pizza
Minsevo Rancho
I love Py Bakery/Cafe
Sunnyside Taco
Mama’s Empanadas
Halal Kitchen Chinese
Gray Point Thai
Pollos a la Brasa
Floresta Steakhouse
Marabella Pizza
Curry Point
Papa John’s Pizza
Chipichape Bakery
Mangal Kebab
Alpha Donuts
New York Style Eats
Dave’s Bagels and Grill
Yeti of Heizan
White Castle
Dunkin Donuts (At 43rd St)
Go Koong Korean
Trigo Y Cafe Bakery
Natural Tofu Restaurant
Oasis Pizza and Gyro
La Vienesa Spanish American Bakery
Pete’s Diner and Grill
McDonald’s (On Queens Blvd)
Kabab and Grill Halal Fast Food
Chikurin Japanese
Great Dragon Chinese
Ra Cafe and Lounge
Tangra Asian Fusion
La Kuevas Latin Rock Cafe
Dazies Italian
New Post Coffee Shop Diner
Sunnyside Pizza
Arriba Arriba Mexican
Burger King
Sunnyside CFC Chinese
Ariyoshi Japanese
Turkish Grill
Chips Mexican
PJ Horgan’s
Briyani House
Bar 43
Foxy’s Diner
Rose Restaurant
Mr. Wonton Chinese
Sonali Indian
Oki Japanese
Dunkin Donuts (At 46th St)
El Buen Sabor
Victoria’s Pizzeria
Empire Szechuan Garden
Dee Thai
El Pilon Bakery
Mediterranean Pizzeria
Boston Market
Emilio’s Pizzeria
El Rey Taco
I am Thai
Aubergine Cafe
Rincon Latino
Basmati Table
Skillman’s Famous Pizza
Romanian Garden
Bliss Bistro
Arsi’s Pateseria
Nita’s European Bakery
Szechuan House
The Kettle
La Marjolaine Bakery
Thai Malay Cafe
Golden Wok Chinese
Wah Yeung’s Chinese
Lentini’s Pizza
The Brother’s Cafe
Pisco Sour
Restaurant Tropical


2 responses to “So many places to eat at

  1. Noticed that you didn’t have Tito Rad’s listed.
    Officially outside of Sunnyside, but so close it should be counted (Queens Blvd btw 49th and 50th.)
    Probably my favorite Filipino restaurant.

  2. Dont forget: The Kettle on 50th/Skillman (yeah technically Woodside but honestly the best pub in the neighborhood for food). Also dont forget the food trucks! Good luck on the blog!

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