Marabella Pizza

Sunnyside isn’t know for it’s pizza, even though there are quite a lot of pizzerias and other types of restaurants that serve the dish. I’ve heard a few differing opinions as to what the best here is, but my personal favorite is Marabella, at the corner of Greenpoint Ave and 42nd street.

Marabella Pizza

Marabella Pizza

There are tables and even a TV in the back, and they serve other Italian dishes in addition to just pizza. Their various rolls and calzones are quite good.

Vegetarian pizza pie

Vegetarian pizza pie

This small size (there are only “large”, “small”, and “personal” sizes) vegetarian pie ($16) is one of their specialty pies. Another favorite is the Primavera ($13).


8 responses to “Marabella Pizza

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  5. Oh boy! I’m so happy I found your blog. I though I was doomed to bad pizza since I moved here 3.5 years ago. Yay. I will be your most loyal fan now 🙂

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