Wah Yeung’s Chinese

Last night during halftime of the Jets-Dolphins game, my very hungry friend and I stopped by Wah Yeung’s Chinese Food on 43rd Ave, between 43rd and 44th streets (afterwards we headed to Bar 43 for the rest of the game). I only had my cellphone with me, but here is the one picture I got:

Tofu with broccoli

Tofu with broccoli

This tofu and broccoli dish was only $3.75! Yet it was quite a large dish, and my vegetarian friend assured me it was delicious, and he certainly cleaned his plate.


2 responses to “Wah Yeung’s Chinese

  1. I will never go back…ordered sweet and sour chicken for delivery, all I got were these pathetic pieces of dried I don’t know what, and NO sauce…When I called to notify them she told me to throw it out. No resolve whatsoever. I brought it in for them to throw it out…

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