Dave’s Bagels & Grill

En route to a bar in Long Island City, we stopped by for a quick bite at Dave’s Bagels and Grill (south side on Queens Blvd between 44th and 43rd), which I commonly just refer to as “the bagel place”, since there aren’t many other bagel-specific locales in Sunnyside.

Dave's Bagels & Grill

Dave's Bagels & Grill

If you’re short on cash, you can always visit the pawn shop next door before you get your bagels. Although they do advertise the “grill” part, I wouldn’t really get anything other than bagels here (even though there is quite a large menu). I tried once, and the bewildered clerk took a while just to figure out how to make what I ordered.

Bagel spread selection

Bagel spread selection

They have a nice selection of spreads and other fixins, but it’s really hit or miss with how tasty they are. Some are really amazing (vegetable, walnut-raisin), but some (like the Lox, which I will get to in a second) can be really bad. A toasted bagel with a spread will run around three to four dollars.

Lox spread

Lox spread

This is the worst piece of food I’ve featured so far on this blog. It’s a sesame bagel with lox spread, which was downright disgusting. I think the salmon was expired, and it smelled and tasted really fishy. I literally lost my appetite after just two bites, and ended up throwing the rest away.

Walnut raisin spread

Walnut raisin spread

In a huge contrast to the lox spread, this poppy seed bagel with walnut raisin is one of my favorites. Walnuts and raisin may seem like an odd choice for a spread, but whoever first came up with that idea was a genius. You can purchase a little tub of it to take home for only about $5.


2 responses to “Dave’s Bagels & Grill

  1. Yeah, Dave’s is disappointing… I typically only get the vegetarian cream cheese there nowadays (which is actually good!). A good bagel place a few subway stops away is by the Vernon stop on LIC, called Bricktown Bagels.

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