Lenny’s Pizza Grand Opening

I already visited Lenny’s over a week ago, but today was their official “Grand Opening.” I stopped by on my way back from the Maker Faire in Corona (where, believe it or not, they had 3D printers that used food like cheese and cream as “ink”!)

Lenny's Grand Opening

Lenny's Grand Opening

They were giving out (small) plain slices to kids, and there was, in fact, a clown (a female one!) Adults got free samples of chicken parmigiana and penne pasta. I had already eaten the parmigiana last time, but I tried the pasta, and it was good, but nothing spectacular.

Free samples

Free samples of chicken parmigiana

The blurry, tired looking man in this hastily taken photograph of the countertop is none other than Lenny himself. He seemed a bit exhausted from all the Grand Opening hoopla, but enthusiastic nevertheless, and he personally took my order.

Cheese slice

Cheese slice

Last time I didn’t actually get a plain slice, so I made up for it now. Just your typical cheese pizza, although I think it could you a bit more, well… cheese.


3 responses to “Lenny’s Pizza Grand Opening

  1. I had a bad experience with them, I ordered and they never delivered. Glad to see I didn’t miss anything.

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