Gray Point Thai

Gray Point is the nearest to me of all the Thai restaurants in Sunnyside, located on Greenpoint Ave at 42nd street. It’s great for delivery\takeout as well.

Gray Point Thai from outside

Gray Point Thai

Daily specials are typically advertised outside. An interesting note is that the menus say “Greenpoint Thai”, but I assume the “Gray Point Thai”name on the awning is the correct one.

Mango sake-tini and Thai iced tea

Mango sake-tini and Thai iced tea

I almost always order the iced tea at Thai restaurants. This one was particularly underwhelming – clearly coming from some sort of pre-mix and not made correctly. The yellow drink you see is a “mango sake-tini” which for only $2.50 was worth a shot, but Emilia described it as tasting like “wood chips combined with an orange.” In concept it’s basically like a weak screwdriver with sake instead of vodka and mango replacing orange juice.

Panang Curry

Panang Curry

Panang curry (with chicken here) is one of my favorite Thai dishes, and Gray Point does a decent job with it for $8.95, although the sauce itself could be better. The portion size was a bit small, and I have a feeling from past experience that their takeout portions are actually bigger.

Pad Thai with tofu

Pad Thai with tofu

The classic Pad Thai dish (also $8.95) is quite delicious here – the best of all the local Thai restaurants, claims Emilia. The portion size was also considerably bigger than that of the curry. Seen here with tofu, it’s of course also available with chicken, beef, etc.


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