Lenny’s Pizza

Went for dinner to Lenny’s Pizza, which just opened up last week on the corner of Greenpoint Ave & 43rd Ave (and yes, Lenny is a real person!)

Lenny's Pizza

Lenny's Pizza

Currently you can only order at the counter, but table service is “coming soon.”

Garlic knots

Garlic knots

As a spur-of-the-moment appetizer, we enjoyed some garlic knots ($1.25 for 6, although as you can see above, they gave us an extra one). They were alright, but something seemed a bit off (I think maybe the bread itself was a little undercooked).

Pizza slices

Pizza slices

Slices of chicken and white pizza. Pretty standard fare, and at prices slightly cheaper than nearby competitors. The white pizza was better than average., and the crust was quite good as well – otherwise it was just your average pizza.

Chicken parmigiana hero

Chicken parmigiana hero

My main course – the chicken parmigiana hero ($6.75). I should have gotten the smaller roll instead (for a dollar less), as this was quite filling, and I ended up taking half of it home. I am a big fan of chicken parmigiana in general, and although I must say that Lenny’s makes it better than the average pizza place, it’s of course no comparison to what you get at an Italian restaurant.


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