The Haab

The Haab is a small Mexican cafe on the corner of 48th Ave and 48th street. Great for brunch in the sub $10 category. Website:

The Haab Omelette

The Haab Omelette

Above we have their proprietary “Haab Omelette” ($7.25), which contains peppers, onions, chorizo, monterrey cheese, and guajillo sauce. It comes with potatoes and toast and is quite filling. Chorizo, if you didn’t know by the way, is a type of sausage.

Huveos Rancheros

Huveos Rancheros

Here you see the Huevos Rancheros ($6), which were quite delicious and came with fried potatoes that went well with ketchup. The egg dish was a little spicier than I expected, so watch out if you’re not into spicy food.


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