Natural Tofu Restaurant

Natural Tofu Restaurant, despite its somewhat deceptive name, is a full-fledged Korean restaurant that’s a lot better than what it looks like from the outside. It also has a lot more than just tofu – in fact, most dishes have some sort of meat in them. It’s located at Queens Blvd. and 40th street.



Above we see just one of the many appetizer dishes that are brought in before the main course. Feel free to ask for seconds at no charge.

Soft tofu with vegetables

Soft tofu with vegetables

Many of the dishes are technically soups. They come boiling hot, and you get to personally drop a raw egg into the concoction. A bowl of rice comes on the side. You can select the level of spiciness, but I think the dish could use a bit more flavor (separate from the spice). Shown above is the soft tofu with vegetables ($7.95).

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken

The standard BBQ Chicken dish ($12) is surprisingly 50% more expensive than the “soup” dishes. It comes with just scallions and onions (optional). The foreground one has no spice whatsoever (I guess the spice adds the orange color, as seen in the dish in the background).


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